>Moving Stories

In the final moments of one of our more memorable moves, in all the excitement of the moving truck arriving at our new house, my husband  and I walked outside to greet the moving crew and the door accidentally locked behind us.    With the keys sitting snugly on the kitchen counter and no way in, embarrassed, we started to call a locksmith.   Within seconds, “Joe” on the moving crew emerged from our house with a devilish grin.   Asked how he’d gotten in, he explained that even when locked, the windows on our house were easy to open.  Apparently, Joe had been quite adept at “entering houses” in his previous “career.”    There are times when ex-cons can be very helpful!

Have a moving story to share?   A useful moving tip? We’d love to hear it.  

Here’s your chance to share with others on the move.

2 thoughts on “>Moving Stories

  1. When relocating to Seattle from Northern New York…..

    Our movers (http://www.atlasworldgroup.com/) were very professional.

    I had packed all of our stuff into multitudes of boxes and crates – only to learn that the movers would have been happy to do that for me! My first major move and a total rookie mistake. Now I know the drill.

    When the truck arrived in Seattle at our new diggs – Randy the driver and his crew loaded everything into our new place.
    Everything looked like it arrived in one piece. I was thrilled and overwhelmed. Randy completed our move by counting all the boxes – I don’t remember the final count, but one was missing Box #14.

    Two and a half years later when we start looking for something and can’t find it – we say must have been in box #14. It must have been a VERY Large Box. Whoever ended up with box 14 I hope that you are enjoying it.

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing it. I hope you find your box someday soon! In our experience, as soon as we purchase a “replacement”, the missing item has a way of reappearing!

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