Get that House on the Market!

I’m not going to even try to sell this house as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).   There are too many moving parts and pieces involved in a sale, and frankly I’m too busy planning this move to even try to market and show a house.   It’s going to be challenging enough getting the house in showable shape with two messy teenagers, a husband, and a giant poodle.   Yes, that giant poodle tracks in a lot of dirt and just keeping this place clean will trump any efforts at trying to act like a real estate agent.   I need a professional.

That said, I’ve written some helpful tips for finding a great agent here:

And if you are in the practice of merely price shopping for services, a realtor in Minnesota offers his frank opinion about why selecting the realtor who dangles dollar signs in front of you, may not be the best choice.   We all need to be realistic about the value of our home.

This time around, the woman who worked as our buyer’s agent to find this house three years ago has earned my repeat business.  Karin  is knowledgeable, experienced, and someone I can trust to represent us well in negotiations.    There’s no question that we will have her list our house.

Now back to the home prepping.   Hoping the giant poodle hasn’t eaten any more of the packing paper.

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