News Flash: Telling the Kids

Sunday was the day we planned to tell the boys (ages 14 and 16) that we’re packing up everything and moving back east at the end of the school year.   We’d done mid-year moves before, so finishing school year would be a plus.   One thing’s for sure, you can count on teenagers to act in dramatic fashion to most types of news involving change, moving is no exception.  What direction or form the drama would unfold, is the, er, shall we say exciting  part?   All those developing neurons and you can be sure that at least one kid is going to flash some anger, sadness, confusion, joy, resentment, denial, resistance, etc.   Multiply these emotions by the number of kids you have and it could be quite a flash-filled Sunday.   Lightning is rare in the Pacific Northwest, but I think we’ll see some flashes when we break the news.   That’s why timing, tone & setting will be critical.

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