Pinch Me

I still can’t believe that in less than 3 months we’ll be living 3000 miles away in a new house, on a new street, in a new town.    I must confess that I didn’t answer the phone today when my mother in law called.   I didn’t want to lie to her.    I didn’t want to answer the daily question, “Have you heard anything yet?” with anything but the truth.   You see, we’ve had this very anxious vigil going on for weeks, waiting to see if we are actually moving back east.   Actually, the waiting game has been happening on and off for two years as my husband has applied for various east coast positions.    It wasn’t until I heard from him today, that he had gone ahead and told his mother himself, that I felt free to call her back and start the quiet celebrating.    Why quietly?   Because we’re not supposed to spread the news yet.  More on this to come.

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