Keeping Hush

When an organization’s executive calls you and says “I want to let you know you got the job, but don’t tell anyone yet,”  it puts you in an awkward position.    Because the people around you will keep asking, “Did you hear anything?, “Did you get it?” and you can’t tell them.  (Wife and mom excepted I guess.)    So whatever comes out of your mouth next is either bizarrely evasive or effectively a reluctant lie.    Not cool.   I am anxious because we haven’t even told our kids yet.   I know they’ll be fine with it eventually.   They hate the weather here in the Pacific Northwest (it’s really cruddy for longboarding) where it rains for weeks on end.    And they will love being closer to their fun loving cousins, doting adventurous grandparents (2 sets!), and their east coast pals.    But it’s the secretive part that is difficult, because you can’t openly make plans, share imaginings & enthusiastically anticipate all the fun things we’ll do getting there and once we’re there.   Right now, this relocation is all lodged up in my mind, waiting to explode!

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