Binder System

I have a dear friend who will be moving away soon.   She has two little kids and a husband overseas, so most of the planning will fall on her shoulders. 

To help her along I put together a planning system of three binders that are simple to use but will be invaluable as the move planning proceeds and the paperwork starts to fly around.   As green as we may try to be, the paper will still pile up!   And keeping good track of it is critical to getting a sound night sleep during this crazy process.

Three 2 ½” binders marked “HERE”, “THERE”, and “GETTING THERE” should do the trick.   

Three different color binders so you can grab them on the go without mixing them up.  

Filled with tabbed pocket folders to hold receipts & reminders, this should help make her move as smooth as possible.

Tabs in the “HERE” binder include:

  1. Contact Numbers – for tracking every person you deal with in the move planning, realtors, PTA presidents, school administrators, utility service providers, etc.
  2. Call Log/Notes
  3. House Listing Forms – keep master copies on hand for easy reference
  4. Showings – track the showing dates and realtor cards here.  I like to send a quick thank you to the showing agent each time a showing occurs.
  5. Contract with Buyer – keep the house contract with the folks buying your house here for reference
  6. Utilities – make a list of each of your home’s utility services with contact numbers and shut off, final bill payment dates.
  7. Movers – keep quotes, documents, and tracking here.
  8. Storage – keep track of items in storage here.   This is also a good place to store a backup copy of your home contents inventory on CD or DVD.
  9. Insurance – keep track of your policies: homeowners, renters, moving, etc. here and move these documents to the “GETTING THERE” binder as your move progresses.

Tabs in the “GETTING THERE” binder include:

  1. Receipts – keep everything to document for reimbursement/taxes/tracking
  2. Mileage
  3. Directions
  4. Reservations/Accomodations
  5. Passports/IDs
  6. Bills/Statements – Things to handle during your transition
  7. Family Medical Records – you’ll want these on hand during your travels just in case.
  8. Items to pack for trip to new home  

Tabs in the “THERE” binder include:

  1.  School Data/Comparisons
  2.  Realtor Info.
  3. Home Search Tracking – keep house/apartment fact sheets here with your notes to compare prices/qualities/locations, etc.
  4. Receipts – you’ll generate plenty of expenses/mileage during this phase as well
  5. Temporary Quarters – search/reservations/details
  6. Kids’ School Records – you’ll want copies of your kids scores/departing school’s curriculum summary/book lists, etc. to give to receiving school.
  7. House Purchase/Apartment Lease  Contract – you’ll need this to register kids for public school
  8. Utilities – Turn on contact info. and dates.

Keep in mind, moves are just like weddings, no matter how well you plan, there’s always going to be something that goes a little awry.   That’s where good organization & asking folks for help can make a big difference.   A graceful attitude and a sense of humor will carry you the rest of the way.

One thought on “Binder System

  1. Wow! This is great. I can almost see a business coming out of this. Can’t wait to hear you’ll be making folders and heading east!

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