Thankful thoughts

I have just passed the one year mark since our family’s last move and each of us seems to be finding our way in our new community.  My kids have found friends, a renewed love of making music in their school band and at home, and they seem to be settling into a sense of flow with a nice balance of activities, learning, and fun.    My husband is now a known entity at work and he appears to be getting a lot of satisfaction from his new role at managing an office.    And me, mama, the one who is usually left unpacking all the final boxes, has gotten the cardboard and packing paper dust off my hands and have enrolled in graduate school (again).    I think it’s quite remarkable how a forced change (like a move) can beget elective change for self-improvement.   I am a student again and loving it.   Each class in my social work program presents a new way of looking at the weary world I have lived in for forty years and then offers some hopeful opportunities for meaningful change.   There’s that word again.    

I am so thankful that we’ve survived this year of changes.   I am also thankful for the neighbors who welcomed us to our new neighborhood, helped us through a worry-filled period when one of our sons faced a difficult health issue, and thankful for the amazing experiences we’ve had here in our new community.    Had we not been open to change, we’d never have seen a sunrise on Mount Rainier, never kayaked with seals playfully nosing our boats, never experienced the comraderie and windblown fun of razorback clamming, or witnessed the thrill of catching a 20 pound king salmon.    Safely ensconsed in the status quo would have been fine, but oh the things we’d have missed!   When the cliche “change is good” flies out of someone’s lips, I know the truth that resonates below the surface and for this I am thankful.

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