Keeping on Track

There is no piece of information more important to a successful move, in my humble opinion, than good record keeping.    You may think that your brain is capable of juggling the thousands of pieces of information and dates associated with this move, and if you’ve got a photographic memory, then great for you!    But even so, if there comes a time to follow up on a contractor who doesn’t follow through, or a lending company misleads you, or you wonder how many home showings or price drops it took to get an offer on your house, written records will prove invaluable.  

One simple method: Get a binder, file pockets, and print out a blank calendar.    Slip any receipts in the file pockets, keep chronologic notes on every aspect of the move, and write notes and important dates on the calendar.    What could be easier?

If you keep things all in one place, your organization should pay off in future financial tracking, legal issues, tax preparation, and who knows you may even sleep better!

Here’s a site I like for printing out free calendars:   Free printable calendars.  You can customize them to the dates you want or just print them out as blanks.       Either way, you’re on your way to a more organized move.

Have a tip or technique to share that makes moving easier?   We’d love to hear it.

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