Support for Moving Families and Kids With Learning Disabilities

Changes are challenging for all of us, but moving with a child or children with learning disabilities poses additional challenges.    It is difficult enough to evaluate school systems from afar or even with school visits and e-mail available for communication.    It is so important to make the best educational choices up front to avoid multiple transitions for kids.  

When it comes to moving, LDOnline has specific suggestions regarding whom to contact and suggestions with regard to Individual Education Plans and making the transfer from one school to another as smooth as possible.   The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has information on the laws pertaining to special needs educational services.   Another helpful site: has a lot of resources for parents planning the next school experience for their special needs learners.   There are also many online support groups for folks to connect on these issues.  

All kids deserve a positive learning experience and it’s good to know there are folks out there with this shared goal in mind.  

Please share with us any helpful resources you have found.  Thanks!

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