Soaking Up A New Place

I wasn’t sure I wanted to move to one of the rainiest places on earth, but I went along with it anyway.    And I was feeling kind of grey today as the clouds drizzled out whatever one of a dozen types of precipitation they have odd names for here.    

My favorite weatherman makes predictions like this:  “today we’ll have cloudy skies, giving way to showers, followed by afternoon precipitation, a chance of some sprinkles this evening, then increasing clouds tonight with marine layer fog giving way to morning rain.”   Seriously!  It’s a big adjustment for a woman who had become accustomed to Virginia sunshine.

A handful of times now I have walked my eleven year old to his new school and each time I passed another mom pushing a double stroller.  Today this same mom said with a grin, “nice jacket,” and she continued walking past.  

“Nice jacket?” I muttered to myself while pushing a small smile toward her.  This was the functional goretex jacket that I had purchased as one of my token “becoming a northwesterner” survival items.   I had chosen it in a deep eggplant purple color in my effort to add something colorful to what I knew would become my uniform here in this soggy place.

For the next moment, I turned as she passed and realized that she too had on an eggplant jacket.   Not the same one; hers was made of fleece.  Perhaps, I thought, her skin had evolved some water-impermeable surface as a result of surviving here?   I smiled to myself.

Realizing her comment was genuine, I returned a reference complimenting her taste in outerwear colors and we parted laughing.

We’ll likely see each other again tomorrow.   The skies are seeming a little brighter here already.

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