Home Values

What do you value most about a home?  It’s an important question to be able to answer if you want a deliberate and positive outcome to transitioning to a new home.

We all define “home” differently.   For some “home” is primarily a place to nurture a nest of growing kids, for others “home” is a place of pride for entertaining, for others it’s a place to recharge from a busy career or to dive into hobbies such as gardening.    For most of us, “home” is a blend of many things.

When you move you have an opportunity to substantially create a new definition of “home”  so tread carefully!

Create a list of the things about “home” that you value the most.   Everyone in the house can do this exercise.   Then rank these characteristics.    Are the people in your household in agreement on these things?    Share your list with your real estate agent so he/she can more clearly and efficiently understand and serve you.

If you’d like a free customizable tool to do so, you can click here: Home Values Priorities Checklist.

We have used this approach to several moves and it keeps the “impulse” factor and remorse out of a home decision.   I hope it works for you.   Let us know!

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